Organizations and Leadership: Diagnosis and Treatment
Tim Havens, MD

July 13 – 15, 2018 • Friday-Sunday

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This seminar is designed for mental health professionals, physicians, medical directors and other health professionals and all executives who wish to have an understanding of the leadership principles which impact the success of organizations (both large and small) and those who lead. The seminar includes a unique application of both the psychological principles of human behavior (the view from the “inside out”) and the fundamental facets of organization structure and accountability (the view from the “outside in”). These principles have been used successfully in seminars, organizational consultations, and executive coaching to major corporations, government, family businesses, health care, as well as large and small 501C3’s. The concepts from this seminar have proven relevant to health care leaders who have had a variety of experience and seniority. Therefore, this seminar is useful for the following: those with significant experience and seniority in managing complex organizations; those who are new to or have limited experience in leadership roles and could benefit from an understanding of organizational function, including individuals who have been elected by their peers to a leadership position; past participants of The Department of Psychiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School courses on Leadership for Physician Executives and/or Accountable Leadership for Healthcare Teams, and those who provide advice and support to healthcare leaders, including serving on boards.


Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be able to:


  • Identify methods for enhancing organizational effectiveness;
  • Develop strategies and practices to be a more effective leader;
  • Develop a more systematic framework for understanding individual dynamics in organizational systems;
  • Analyze, clarify, and solve problems pertaining to organizations and roles of their workers;
  • Evaluate the fundamental principles, which contribute to a bonding between an individual and the organization;
  • Identify the essential ingredients of a successful leader making significant changes in the organization;
  • Provide a systematic approach to understanding role of accountability;
  • Identify techniques, which differentiate corporate from non-corporate issues within the organization;
  • Optimize the success in giving and receiving managerial assignments;
  • Develop strategies for both career and leadership success in an evolving healthcare environment.





Friday July 13, 2018




Video demonstrating technique for evaluating leadership effectiveness and assessment of organizational challenges; core principles for evaluating individual leadership capacity and fit with organizational requirements and needs

Q & A


Saturday July 14, 2018


A structure for optimizing organizational accountability: a blueprint for effective assignments at all levels of leadership and management: presentation of the concept “three level management” and its application in complex organizations.





The “Connective Tissue” of organizations:  how the psychology of individual expectations and the culture of organizational expectations impact leadership success; leadership practices designed to improve the alignment of organizational needs and individual aspirations.



Sunday July 15, 2018


The knowledge and skill which will improve success when leading major organizational change; strategies for both career and leadership success in an evolving healthcare environment.





Video and Discussion:  diagnosis and corrective intervention during times of organizational crisis; tactical and strategic planning and actions when working with senior healthcare executives and board members;